Putin denounces the “stab in our back by Turkey”

Putin denounces the “stab in our back by the pal of terrorism,”. Putin saying “our pilot and our plane never threatened the Republic of Turkey.”

This isn’t always, this is going past the framework of the normal fight in opposition to terrorism. sincerely, our younger military guys are combating terrorism, sacrificing their own lives, but modern-day loss is related.

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The stab in our lower back by using the terrorism Supporters.

We cannot locate any other wording to what passed off these days. Our aircraft became shot down over the Syrian territory. The air-to-air missile came from an F-16 Turkish military. If fell in the Syrian territory 4 kilometers from the Turkish border.

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It was at an altitude of 6,000 meters one kilometer faraway from the Turkish border when it was hit.

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in any case, our pilot and our aircraft never threatened the Republic of Turkey.

In any way, this was an obvious fact: They conducted an operation to combat ISIS in northern Latakia.


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