Putin’s response to the provocations of Turkey

Putin’s response to the provocations of Turkey: a day after Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet over Syria, Moscow said each of its pilots ejected the troubled aircraft and certainly one of them had survived and made it appropriately to hmeimim air basea largest Russian airbase  in Syrian.

Vladimir Putin’s authorities additionally made it clean that it changed into organized to take purpose at any overseas planes that threatened Russian aircraft in the destiny, and they stated they would flow superior guns into location to returned up the hazard.

but as CBS news correspondent Holly Williams reports, there have been also signs and symptoms that Moscow desired to avoid in addition escalating of the tensions among Russia and Turkey — and by using default, NATO.

overseas Minister Sergey Lavrov stated Wednesday morning that Russian leaders “haven’t any aim to go to warfare with Turkey.”

The incident alongside the Turkish-Syrian border on Tuesday did, however, show just how risky the Syrian skies have become, with the Syrian regime, the U.S. and its allies, and now Russia all wearing out airstrikes in support of opposite aspects in the grinding 5-yr war.

a day after the Russian warplane was shot down, Russia stated it was deploying the us of a’s most advanced surface-to-air missile machine — the S400 Triumf, or “SA-21 Growler” as it’s miles stated by NATO international locations — to Syria.

Turkey’s Ministry of defense launched a radar map Tuesday displaying in which the Russian aircraft crossed into Turkish territory, if best very in short. A senior U.S. reputable showed that radar monitoring showed the Russian Su-24 fighter jet fly over the very southern tip of Turkey’s Hatay Province, and the U.S. and NATO have chastised Russia for months for antagonizing other countries with aerial trespass and bullying of foreign planes.

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in the case of the shootdown on Tuesday, however, CBS information senior national protection correspondent David Martin stated that American officers sense Turkey is basically in charge for overreacting to what changed into a extraordinarily minor violation of countrywide airspace.

Turkey says the Russian plane strayed just over a mile into its airspace, and turned into there for handiest 17 seconds when it changed into fired on through a Turkish F-sixteen. The Russian jet crashed in Syria, but Turkey’s president said Wednesday that a few pieces of it fell inside his us of a.

A visibly angry Vladimir Putin spoke on Russian television after the incident and denied the Su-24 ever left Syrian airspace. He lashed out at Turkey, calling its move a “stab in the back” and accusing the Turks of supporting ISIS.

Video posted via Syrian rebels appeared to reveal the frame of 1 the Russian pilots in the fingers of Syrian riot combatants. Russia says the pilot became murdered by way of the rebels after parachuting to the floor, however the occasions of his demise after ejecting from the troubled plane remain unclear.

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best on Wednesday did Russia affirm the alternative pilot turned into secure on its sprawling base close to the northwest Syrian town of Latakia.

On Wednesday morning Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he didn’t want an escalation over the incident, however he added that Turkey had already warned Moscow approximately violating its airspace after Russian planes did so two times in October.

President Obama spoke by means of telephone with the Turkish President and both he and NATO referred to as for calm.

“I do think that this factors to an ongoing hassle with the Russian operations (in Syria) inside the feel that they may be running very near a Turkish border,” mentioned Mr. Obama.

Russia and Turkey stay on opposite facets of the Syrian civil struggle; Turkey, like its best friend the U.S., backs the Syrian rebels and has been is fiercely opposed to any political transition plan for Syria that might permit the state’s lengthy-time dictator Bashar Assad to remain in strength.

Russia helps the Syrian regime, and at the cease of September started launching airstrikes within the united states of america. Moscow claimed to be targeting ISIS, however the U.S. says it has additionally hit so-called mild rebels which will prop up Assad’s beleaguered military.

There had been hopes that Russia is probably coaxed into cooperating with the U.S. and its allies inside the combat against ISIS, however the downing of the Russian fighter jet raised new doubts over the possibility of ability cooperation.

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regardless of the angry rhetoric from Putin on Tuesday and the motion of the Russian floor-to-air missiles into Syria, there were lower-key symptoms from Russian diplomats that Moscow become at least retaining the door open to paintings with the U.S. and its allies in Syria.

“we’re prepared to… plan moves on Daesh (ISIS) positions together and create a joint group of workers with France, the U.S., with all of the nations who want to be on this coalition,” Russia’s ambassador to France, Alexander Orlov, stated Wednesday in an interview with Europe 1 radio.

“If the Turks need to be in (the joint staff) as nicely, they’re welcome,” he delivered.

inside the identical interview, Orlov recounted that there could have been “some inadvertent penetrations into Turkish airspace,” through Russian planes, but he rejected the declare from Turkey (which was sponsored up through U.S. officers who said American personnel at a command center in Iraq heard the complete radio change) that the Russian pilots had been warned 10 instances to exchange course earlier than they have been shot down.

Orlov said that declare turned into “absolutely incorrect, completely false” and insisted the Russian plane became hit “without warning.”

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