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Melly Goeslaw – Trully Madly Deeply Hate You

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I’d like to thank the feeling
I’ve got a notion built up like a terminal
One last exist bit of sunshine
Borrowed do I

For your writhing, one that echoes
Slightly moving, wanna trick me
I love you by then but don’t bother
You’re sorry tonight

Want to be the saddest
whatever that’s linger
Your fantasy so strong, but soon be over

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Shooting for the big, everything you want
That explain it sure, your fallen conviction

I would like to thank this feeling
It distracts from ever give in
I major, ini your distruction
So I’ll learn tonight

I would like to, congratulation
2 digit IQ your so proud of
Your own father
Keeps disown you
So bye bye tonight

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So what if I don’t want to reason
But want a compact exhibition
And you wanna be packed with them things
Both of you go work out why don’t you

Bulls eye 1,2,3
Just sit down and grab your ass
Who tlaks and their teeth would fall
4,5,6 now close your eyes
You can’t produce retribution so die

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I’ll put you in the water
Temperature is rising
Looking like a fool
Smiling all the way down
Smoke on the water, decorating finger
Bleeding like a fool, you’ll soon
Be over

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